Hayai oni Hadashi
Race Shinigami
Birthday May 7th
Gender Male
Height 6'4''
Weight 190 lbs
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Affiliation 7th Division
Previous Affiliation Academy
Position 4th Seat
Previous Position 3rd Seat
Division Squad 7
Base of Operations SRDI and Squad 7 Barracks
Shikai Akuma no mojiretsu
Specialization Intellectual tactician
Attack 50
Defence 50 (79 Lightning Defense)
Reiatsu 30
Reiryoku 30
Speed 115 (127 Lightning Defense) (147 Shikai)
Zanjutsu 9
Hakuda 5
Hohō 15
Kidō 1
Passive Perks Swift Strikes, and Lightning Defense
Skill Perks Double Step

Extra StuffEdit

Hair: Slicked back, medium length hair. Black with dark red highlights

Eyes: No colour, transparent. (Usually wears goggles)

Distinctive traits: Never walks anywhere. Always shunpo, even if it is 2 feet.

Favourite game: Tag, can never catch me, 

Least favourite animal: Sloth, they are so lazy and slow.

Reiryoku colour: Same as hair.

Personality:Obsession with being the fastest. This has resulted in a lack of bankai because he won't communicate with his sword. Otherwise kind to everybody, loyal to few. Likes a good fight, willing to limit self to make fight more interesting, rarely every needs/wants to go full out. Likes to go out drinking. A lot.

Sibling: Sumiko_Hadashi


Zanpakuto Name: Akuma no mojiretsu (Demon string)

Zanpakuto Appearance:  A normal sword, but the blade is half as wide.

Shikai Appearance: Becomes a 12 ft long piece of very thin, unbreakable string. There's a weight on the end, which is the size and shape of a needle, but has the weight of a puma.

Zanpakuto Shikai: "Lenghthen,  Akuma no mojiretsu."

Holding the weight end, the zanpakuto can be used as a whip.

Holding the opposite end, the needle acts as a counterweight to keep the string taut when swung. The swung string is fast enough and thin enough to cut opponents. The speed behind the attack can convert to strength because of the counterweight.