Himura Hiroko grew up in western Rugonkai. He had no parents and few friends. People tended to stay away from him because he sometimes accidentally gave strong electric shocks. He discovered the name of his zanpakuto in a dream. After this he met Korren Yashwali, they became fast friends after they noticed that Korren is not affected my his shocks. He then entered the shinigami academy with Korren. When he was presented with an asauchi it immediately formed into his zanpakuto. He excelled in zanjutsu, and hoho. At the academy he made more friends, now able to contain his electricity. After graduation he was on a task force that killed hollows in the human world. Then he joined 10th squad. He is in a relationship with Ise Nanao. Personality: He's pretty laid back, likes to have a good time. But if you mess with his friends/loved ones he will mess you up. He is extremely loyal. He never allows himself to get drunk, he wants to be in control of his body. But he likes his sake, and almost always has a bottle on him.

Zanpakuto and powersEdit

Zanpakuto: Name: 最高雲の稲妻(Saikō kumo no inazuma) Lightning of the highest cloud.

It has a yellow saya, its tsuba has a lightning design on it and the tsuka is black. It can also absorb electricity.


Command: Roar among the clouds Appearance: It becomes a nagamaki with a blade that has a hollow line running down the middle that crackles with electricity.

Abilities: Saikō kumo no inazuma has three moves. First move: Kyōfu shōgeki(Fear shock) This move shocks his opponent and does minimal damage. But it makes them extremely scared of his. Second move: Inazuma surasshu(Lightning slash) This move is a slash of lightning that can do very little or massive amounts of damage. It depends on how much power I put into it. Kaminari no guraundo: He sinks his zanpakuto into the ground and it shocks everything up to 150ft. He can also limit the area of effect.





50 30 70



10 0 10 5

Perk: Reiryoku boostx1