THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. PLEASE CHECK THIS PAGE OUT ON the bleach-rp wikia. Hiroku Shikuga is one of the newer recruits, who joined the Seireitei on 6/10/2013.

Hiroku Shikuga
Race Shinigami
Birthday December 31
Gender Male
Height 5'6 (172 cm)
Weight 149 lbs (68 kg)
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Seireitei
Position 4th seat
Division 10
Base of Operations Seireitei
Shikai Inazuma boruto no mi hito
Bankai None
Specialization Kido
Reiatsu 8
Reiryoku 8
Hakuda 2
Hohō 11


Around 5'6 tall, with short, white hair. 


Hiroku tries to be as polite as possible in all situations. Hiroku enjoys practicing his kido, reading japanese literature, meditating and collecting sometimes useless information. His Reiryoku color is yellow.


  • Collecting information
  • Relaxing in the sun


  • Poetry
  • Alcohol
    • Drunk people
  • Smoking
  • Rudeness
  • Fighting



Hiroku was born in a poor area in the Rukongai. He hated that place because of it's poverty and he hated the way people treated him. They all acted as if they were familiars, even though they'd never met before.

One day, Hiroku decided he couldn't stand life in the Rukongai anymore and left to the Seireitei, leaving all of his possessions behind. Saying goodbye to friends was unnecessary, for he had none.

Academy Edit

Hiroku decided to study as hard as he could in order to become a respected Shinigami. If he didn't become a Shinigami, he would have to return to the Rukongai, and he would rather turn to the dark before doing that.

In his classes, he found that he had hardly any physical strength. His lack of dexterity and swordfighting skill made him the laughing stock of any physical class. However, he commanded his instructor's respect when he finished 5 years worth of kido classes in a matter of 6 weeks.

Gotei 13 Edit

Hiroku is a relatively new recruit. He introduced himself in an extremely polite manner and treats everybody in the Seireitei with utmost respect.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


稲妻の看人 (Inazuma boruto no mi hito) lit. lightning's guardian

Hiroku's Zanpakuto is a Wakizashi when sealed.

Release: 落る (rakuru) lit. strike


Lightning javelin: Inazuma transforms into a javelin that Hiroku can quickly throw at enemies. When hit, enemies are paralyzed and shocked. Inazuma rematerializes in Hiroku's hand at will.

Force Blast: Hiroku releases reiatsu from his body in an orb around him, knocking back assailants and stunning them briefly.

Bankai Form: none, yet


Class/level: 4th seat

HAN: 3

REI: 8

HAK: 2

SEI: 12

BUK: 3

HOH: 11

Points Earned: 0

Total points: 0

Code: NV-1