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Tall 6’3” male with jet black hair and silver highlights, he has a very muscular body covered with tribal tattoos every except for kneck and face. His skin tone is very tan and his eyes are glowing yellow capable of seeing in the darkest of night.

Rei: black coming off in smoke like tendrils

Kurono Hayashi
Race Shinigami
Birthday June 12
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 195
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Division Division 2
Shikai Kage Okami (shadow wolf)
Bankai not known
Specialization stealth
Attack 50/55
Defence 40
Reiatsu 50/55
Reiryoku 40
Speed 90/100
Zanjutsu 8
Hakuda 2
Hohō 15
Kidō 5
Perks speed clones


Kurono is a very self reserved man who likes to keep to himself. Although when 

in a tight group of friends he is one of the most loyal friends any one could ask for.                                                                                                              


Kurono grew up in a small tribe in the forrest outside the rukongai district. Here is where Kurono grew up with his Mother, Father, and 2 younger brothers. Until one fateful day when Kurono was only 5 years old, a hollow appeared in his tribe. The hollow looked somewhat of a giant elephant with huge tusks and those haunting glowing purple eyes. As Kurono managed to escape he looked back to see his family killed by the hollow. This led Kurono to grow up fending for himself he would sometimes have to resort to stealing but only just enough to stay alive. He would never get caught because he had learned to use the shadows and his speed to his advantage.  Finally once Kurono made it in to the Academy he excelled in Hoho and Hakuda.

Zanpakuto Edit

Name: Kage ōkami (shadow wolf)

Appearance: Sealed is a regular Katana that is jet black with a purple handle and a wolf charm hanging from the bottom.


Kamas are similar to this only smaller and with purple wraps on handle and chain is black

Shikai Appearance: my zan transform in to two extravagant Kamas also jet black with purple wrapped handles the two kamas are connect by a dark shadow like chain that is extendable up to 30ft that I wield with incredible speed.  

Shikai release: Hoeru Kage ōkami! (Howl Shadow Wolf)

Shikai Ability 1: Darkness release, this ability is always effective during my shikai and makes all my attacks wounds stay hidden and unfelt until I say the word arawasu! (reveal). After this all wounds are inflicted all at once and upon feeling all of the pain of my attacks at once all wounds also release a smoke that obscures the opponents vision for a short while.

Shikai Ability 2: Kage Kiba (Shadow Fang), I swing my kamas in a crossing motion releasing a large black Rei blast in the shape of an X.


Class/level: NV-1


REI: 5

HAK: 8

SEI: 1

BUK: 8

HOH: 12

Points Earned: 1

Total points: 40