Renka Muguruma
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Race Shinigami
Birthday March 13th
Gender Male
Height 5"4
Weight 110
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation Seireitei
Position 5th Seat
Division 4th
Previous Partner Zanbaku Kei
Defense 9
Reiryoku 3
Zanjutsu 0
Hakuda 12
Hohō 12
Kidō 3

Appearence & PersonalityEdit

Renka is one of the shortest members of the Gotei 13, something he takes a childish pride in. He has short white hair  that he lets hang down in his face, and has a very girly shape to him- an atribute of which he can act the part of rather successfully. Rarely will one ever see him in his shihakusho when not required, prefering to dress more casually the majority of the time. Almost all of his clothes he buys from the human world, either himself or through a mediator (much of those clothes being girl's). 

(Loves little boys)Edit


Renka's Zanpakuto is stored in the form of two tantos that he has strapped to his upper arms. Shikai: Kougeke no Meishi. The tantos become black sleeves that stretch up to Renka's upper arms and completely cover both of his hands. Both of his forearms get covered in a metal plating that stretches down to Renka's fingertips in sharp, talon-like points. 

Shikai Special Ability: Domena. When summoned, Renka gains the ability to see through all living beings around him, allowing him to see every muscle movement, bone movement, and neural impulse, but also the movement of reishi within a living being. Using this ability, Renka can quickly heal a target by focusing their own reishi, provide pain relief, and stop bleeding. The attacks made available to Renka come in the form of disarming an opponent- by both looking through his target and using his vast knowledge of anatomy/biology, he is able to cease the movement of Reishi, trigger cascading nerve damage, and even make blood stop flowing via a pressure-point heart attack.