Saiken Kasumki
Race Vizard
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Professional Status
Affiliation 要素 Yōso
Base of Operations Unknown
Shikai 押しつぶす Oshitsubusu (Crush) ブルーサーフ Burūsāfu (Blue Surf)
Bankai オーシャンスプレー Ōshansupurē (Ocean Spray)
Attack 130
Health 2,980
Defence 170
Reiatsu 70
Reiryoku 160
Speed 70
Zanjutsu 15
Hakuda 15
Hohō 13
Kidō 12


Name: Saiken Kasumki

Sex: Male

Height: ^6'0"

Hair: Blue bedhead

Eye Color: Blue

Affiliation要素 Yōso

Mask: Covers half his face diagonally, with spines trailing up the side of his face.


Looks Description: Wears casual light coloured clothes, prefers blue, white and denim. Can often be seen sucking on a lollypop.

Reiryoku Color: Deep blue

Personality: Quiet but fierce when pushed, shows little emotion in battle.

Zanpakuto - ブルーサーフ Burūsāfu (Blue Surf)Edit


Release: 押しつぶす Oshitsubusu (Crush)

泡沫破裂 Utakata haretsu (Bubble burst)Edit

Saiken shoots thousands of bubble out of his gun, leaving them to float around the battlefield, He can gather them and send them towards his target, causing explosion on impact.

ジェット大砲 Jetto taihō (Jet cannon)Edit

Saiken charges his gun up, and fires a huge beam of water at his target with such force it can knock the target down, pushing them back also.

Bankai オーシャンスプレー Ōshansupurē (Ocean Spray)Edit

When he hits Bankai heavy rain stars to fall, slowly flooding the area.

鉄砲水 Teppōmizu - Flash flood

Saiken pools the surrounding flood waters around him and addshis reiatsu to the water, increasing its volume and flooding the area more, causing catastrophic damage to anyone caught in its pull.