Tira used to dress in a Shihakusho with an orange undershirt, with short hair hanging down. He has recently cut his hair, and dyed it from black to white. His outfit now has a tear along the ends of his Shihakusho, with the sleeves cut in a jagged pattern. His eyes are green, and turn red when enraged. He is 6" 1', and has slightly pale skin.


Tira is usually pushy and arrogant, and usually will demean people, mostly higher ups, namely the Captain Commander, unless he sees them as far better than him, such as Katsumi Hayato, Sumiko Hadashi, and Higosha Banteki. Recently, he has mellowed out, and seems more indifferent.



Tira was born and abandoned over 250 years ago in the Rukongai. There, he survived on his own until he met Mai Takuhara, a girl his age who had much more experience than him, and shared the dream of becoming the Capain Commander of the Seireitei.. The two traveled together for years, until one day Mai was murdered during a bandit raid on there small camp. Tira, then heartbroken, decided to carry out their dream and managed to join the Academy.


Tira began as a 6th seat in Squad 3, challenging Kenpachi Higosha Banteki first thing. He lost horribly to the captain, yet challened Izuru Kira later for 5th seat, winning a promotion. Later, he was elected to 3rd seat of Squad 1, becoming overjoyed at being in 1st Squad. He then visited Mai's unmarked grave with Korren Yashwaii, placing a tombstone. Sometime afterward, he defeated, alongside Lieutenant Kagechi and 3rd seat Jeisen, a rampaging arrancar, althought he killing blow was dealt by the thought to be dead Mizuro, who dissappeared before their eyes.During an arrancar attack on the Seireitei, he and Shin Kobayashi fought the Fraccion Hajira, thinking themselves victorious until Shino Academy was destroyed.



  • Release: Gaze
  • Weapon- Free floating orb controlled telepathically which glows white and a claw cloaked in darkness. Deal minor damage alone, and deal maximum damage when both strike together.
  • Ability:Hankage(Penumbra) A strike from the claw cloaks the foe in darkness, able to blind the foe. The darkness makes the opponent colder, but not enough to damage them.
  • Ability:Honkage(Umbra) A strike from the orb burns the foe in a strong flame, and produces light around the orb.
  • Ability:Akagatsu/Kurotayou (Red Moon/ Black Sun) Depending on the name called, causes a Lunar or Solar eclipse, respectively. A Solar eclipse empowers Honkage and Fire elements, while a Lunar Eclipse empowers Hankage, Water and Ice elements.


  • HAN-9
  • REI-6
  • HAK-13
  • SEI-10
  • BUK-10
  • HOH-2
  • Total Points:53