Tsikii Kasumki
Blackcat b
Race Vizard
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Professional Status
Affiliation 要素 Yōso
Base of Operations Unknown
Shikai 打ち砕く 削岩機 Uchikudaku Sakuganki (Crush Jackhammer)
Bankai 地球式破 Chikyū-shiki yabu (Earth breaking ceremony)
Attack 120
Health 2,390
Defence 130
Reiatsu 60
Reiryoku 60
Speed 70
Zanjutsu 10
Hakuda 15
Hohō 10
Kidō 5


Name: Tsikii Kasumki

Sex: Male

Height: 6'1"

Hair:  Caramel blonde, short and spiky.

Eye Color: Sky blue

Affiliation要素 Yōso

Mask: Fanged bottom jaw curling up his head to form jagged horns.


Looks Description: Tsikii has a handsome face and a slender body, and wears a long black coat and tinted sunglasses, his brown leather boots are visible from underneath his coat, shiny silver buckes can be seen on them.

Reiryoku Color: White

Personality: Lazy but sinister, he doesnt care much for others and will gladly cause as much destruction as he can when having "fun".

Zanpakuto - 削岩機 Sakuganki (Jackhammer)Edit


Release: 打ち砕く 削岩機  Uchikudaku Sakuganki (Crush Jackhammer)

地滑り Jisuberi (Landslide)Edit

Tsikii raises and lowers his blade swiftly, causing the ground to move similar to an earthquake on a small scale

スパイク弾幕 Supaiku danmaku (Spike barrage)Edit

Plunging his blade into the ground, a barrage of rock spikes spring up from the ground in a cone in front of Tsikii, impaling anyone caught in them.

Bankai - 地球式破 Chikyū-shiki yabu (Earth breaking ceremony)Edit

Sakuganki becomes a huge hammer, appearing to be made of severeal different hard rocks, veins of gemstones running through in patterns.

壊滅 Kaimetsu (Annihilation)

Tsikii crashes his hammer into the ground, opening a gaping chasm in the earth, causing the ground around it to crummble away if stood on, and the ground to shake.